What we offer

DocHealth is a confidential service for doctors, read more about what we offer.

Who we are

Meet the team of Consultant Medical Psychotherapists who provide the support.


Our fees are based on a sliding scale relating to your grade and circumstances.

Please note that all DocHealth consultations are taking place remotely by video for the foreseeable future.

DocHealth is a confidential, not for profit, psychotherapeutic consultation service for all practising doctors. The service is open to all practising doctors in the UK and is supported by the British Medical Association and Royal Medical Benevolent Fund. All consultations are currently taking place via video call.

We help doctors to explore their difficulties, both professional and personal, through Consultant Medical Psychotherapists who have the collective experience of treating over 3000 doctors in the last 20 years. We aim to facilitate greater understanding by the doctor of their presenting difficulties, thus enabling them to regain greater control of their situation.

The service is for qualified doctors only, we do not offer consultations for medical students. We suggest students who need psychological assessment or treatment seek this through university counselling or medical services.

If you require financial assistance to access DocHealth, please let us know. We are able to cover fees for doctors in financial difficulty where appropriate.

Contact us on 0207 383 6533 or [email protected]k

Please note that DocHealth is not an emergency service.If you feel you are at risk or in need of urgent help, seek support from your GP, your local mental health service if you are under their care, or attend A&E.